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The Urology for Bad Segeberg


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updateted 29.01.2016

Welcome to the website of the urology SEGEBERG HOSPITALS Ltd.


We are 24 hours every day to serve you!!

  • Who we are ....

    Our team of three specialist physicians in urology and three assistant physicians  - together with our nursing staff on the ward and in the functional areas (operating rooms, ambulance, x-rays, etc.) - takes care of  you.

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  • Urology is ....
  • What we do .....


  • Adviser kidney stones
  • Adviser neobladder
  • Voiding protocols
  • for students
  • Segeberger Kliniken

    These pages are a supplement to the websites of the Segeberger Kliniken GmbH in Bad Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein.

We will show in the following pages, that the urologist is much more than a “man’s physician”. 
We will present  you with our team, some important urological diseases and the offered  treatment options.

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